Irrespective of Cast, Creed or Religion, Lord Vishnumaya Swamy will shower Blessings And Prosperity to his Devotees. Here devotees will get relief from their Sorrows and problems by the blessing of Lord Vishnumaya Swamy. Lord Vishnumaya Swamy Will give instant solutions for the problems his devotees are facing, those who are offering special poojas to the lord. Presenting special offering to Lord Vishnumaya Swamy will grant you unbelievable rise in wealth, achievements in profession and business, Reconciling for separated persons, Acquire aspired things done immediately, Destruction of dark energies and dark powers around you, Elimination of enemies, etc. Whatever difficult circumstances troubling in your life can be resolved by presenting special poojas and offerings to Lord Vishnumaya Swamy. Devotees can see the differences in their life after performing poojas to Lord Vishnumaya Swamy at Vadakkumpuram Sree Vishnumaya Devaswam. It is convenient to resolve all your problems if you can find the origin of the problems. At the time of Niyogam, you can tell about your problems to Vishnumaya Swamy. The occupation of Lord Sree Vishnumaya Swamy in the priest's body in a vigorous dancing form is known as Niyogam. That time you will get a straight solution for your problems from the lord and which poojas you have to do for the permanent solution for all your problems and Doshas.

The main offering at Vadakkumpuram Sree Vishnumaya Devasthanam is Sarwaishwarya Mahashakthi Guruthi Pooja: ( Rs: 3501 ).
(Devotees should bring all the required items for the offering. To know about the requirements, please contact our office)