Chakra Activation

Your body contains 7 energy centers, or chakras located along your spine. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’ or ‘vortex’. Now, these chakras are literally spinning wheels of energy, pulsing and radiating with light. They emit and receive energy. Most of us feel imbalanced or upset and never at peace when any one of these chakras is out of balance. The right flow of energy through the 7 chakras in a person results in a healthy mind with unlimited potential. If not, the person will suffer. With the right meditations we can activate the equal energy flow through the 7 chakras and grow to the fullest potential!

Third Eye Activation

Beyond the 5 senses we humans possess, there a ‘sixth sense’ lying inside all of us. Beyond the two eyes we all have, there is a powerful ‘third eye’ waiting to be opened. This third eye chakra beholds unlimited power of intuitions and gut feeling telling what to do and what not to do, what will go right and what will go wrong. Activating the third eye chakra can do wonders in one’s life! Because the third eye is aware of the unknown, it sees the unseen. You just have to cultivate in yourself a sense and strength to listen to the third eye and act accordingly. We can help you with that.

Vasi Yoga

Vasi Yoga or pranayama concentrates on the flow of energy through the ‘naadis’ by breathing. Practicing Vaasi Yoga everyday cleanses your breathe naadi thus purifying and healing your body and spirit. This prepares you to balance and self-awareness. This Yogic practice was initiated by Lord Shiva and has been followed as an art of living by the enlightened siddhars for over 3000 years. We train you the right Vaasi Yoga process and helps you find that ultimate balance in life.

One day Mudra Training

Mudras are certain hand gestures which have influence in the flow of energy to specific areas of the brain. You can master the art of Yogic Mudras with just one day with us. Rightly used, the mudras can help with your mental and psychological disorders such as anger, stress, anxiety depression and even insomnia. Mudras bring back the balance you lost! Join us to learn mudras.

Kaaya kalpa Yoga

Kaayam means body and Kalpa means immortality. Doesn’t that explain what Kaayakalpa Yoga all about is? The poses in kaayakalpa yoga helps you to achieve better health condition. You’ll be less likely to be affected by diseases with a better immune system achieved by kaayakalpa yoga. The yoga practice streamlines the body mechanisms, slows the natural ageing process, ensures a better immunity system and extends your lifespan. Join in if you wish to live longer in this planet with better health.

Chandra Yoga

Just like there is Soorya Namaskar, there is Chandra Namaskar too. With more moves to the left, the yoga pose it advised to do under moonlight. Practicing this yoga pose calms your body and prepares it for good sleep. It stretches your body and keeps the muscles tight and healthy. You’ll feel yourself stress-free and balanced! Learn Chandra Yoga for a healthy and sound mind as well as body.

Amuri Dharana

Amuri is one of the three fundamental Kalpa preparations that find esteemed place in various Siddha books and manuscripts. The amuri dharanai is very helpful and important for those who do dhyanam, yoga, gnanam or sarakalai. For a perfectly healthy body, that is kaayakalpam, Amuri dharana can do wonders. Treating yourself with amuri dharana purifies your soul and clarifies your mind resulting in a better mental alertness to help you live the moment to its fullest potential.

Pranava Yoga

"He who utters Om with the intention ‘I shall attain Brahman’ does verily attain Brahman." - Taittiriya Upanishad 1.8.1

That’s why we practice pranava yoga or Aum yoga to balance the wandering mind and to help you touch the ultimate peace called Brahman. The mantra aum is also called pranava. Prana means the controller of life, the energy that keeps the world alive. We train you to focus on the divine light and attain it by constantly repeating the mantra Aum in unison with breathe.

Sara Yoga

The agnisara yoga combines both pranayama and aasana to help you get better body strength. The yoga is done using lower abdominals by deeply and tightly exhaling and inhaling. Usually done in early mornings when the stomach is empty. The benefits of this yoga practice is not limited to healthy muscles and body. Your anxiety is reduced which in turn energizes your mind! When your mind is healthy, everything else will fall just right into place.

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